Pickleball board and card games

I had a brief email conversation with some ladies who had invented a pickleball card game. I promised to blog about it, thinking it was the only game out there, but it is not (surprise, surprise). There are also board games.

Since I have not tried any of them, I’ll provide links to the ones that I did find.

Here is a link to an article about the ladies I emailed with initially: https://www.thevillagesdailysun.com/news/in_todays_daily_sun/villagers-invent-pickleball-themed-card-game/article_6110036c-a1ed-11ed-a4a5-0f2525f18dfb.html

Unfortunately, I don’t know where they sell it, and I have misplaced the emails that I got. You can probably reach out them to find out.

Here are some others:



Pickleball Rocks apparently had a game as well, but the link to it has disappeared.

Feel free to comment on these games.