We try not to drive more than 6-8 hours when traveling somewhere so recently we chose to stay at Fernbrook RV Park in Longivew, TX on the way to Arkansas. The facility is rated 10 on all accounts on Good Sam, but you know how deceptive that can be. Well, this facility certainly deserved the 10 rating.

The RV Park has 80 sites, most of which are pull-through. Here is a picture of us at our site.

Note the concrete pad. It was very level – no need for adjustments, which is always a pain.

I thing I liked about the park was the abundance of mature trees, not all of which were the same. The variety was nice to see as we walked around the park for a little bit of exercise.
Another nice feature was a long row of Sawgrass plants separating two rows of RV spots. It demonstrated to me that the owners took a lot of pride in the park and tried to make it as appealing as possible.
The Wi-Fi and cable signals were very strong, mainly because there was at least one Wi-Fi tower per parking row and, unlike other parks we have been in, there was no prohibition about hooking up streaming devices, like our Roku TV.
I really like the laundry, which we used on the way back. First of all, there was a change machine (lacking in most other parks) that took $5 and $10 bills as well as $1 bills. A wash cost $1.75 (normal) but you could dry by buying 10 minutes at a time for 25 cents. So, we could dry our clothes for $.75. Why buy $1.50 worth of drying time when you don’t need it.
One other comment: it seemed that many of the RVs parked there were long-timers. None, however, were dilapidated messes like we have seen at other parks. Again, this is an indication of the pride the owners take in the park.

We highly recommend Fernbrook RV Park!

2073 FM 2011
Longview, Texas 75603