Castle Gate RV Park

Castle Gate RV Park & Campground in Helper, Utah is located halfway between downtown Salt Lake City and Moab, and only about an hour from the Provo area. It is located a few blocks from Historic Helper’s Main Street, which is in walking distance. The RV park appears to be about 6 months old and is spotless.

We did not stay in the RV Park itself, but in one of the cabins. I did walk the RV area and found the spots to be level and clean. The cabin was also very clean and comfortable.

Because the RV park is so close to Helper, you have access to restaurants, a really good grocery store and a State of Utah liquor store. The grocery store has a meat market and bakery and sells local produce, all of which we found to be excellent. However, the liquor store has limited beer and wine choices and seems to cater to hard liquor drinkers.

The town of Helper is pretty small but quite unique. When you walk through it, is like walking through a museum. Below are some of the quirky sites in the town:

“Downtown” Helper

Gas pump showing 30 cents per gallon

Another view of the gas station

Rooms for 50 cents and soda for 5 cents!

Here are some photos of the RV Park itself:

First “No Vaping” sign I have ever seen.

Cabin Interior
Typical Pull Through Spot

Kid’s Splash Area