Before I discuss our cancelled vacations, I will tell you one that Donna got under the wire. She went to a Level Up camp with Tyson McGuffin in Palm Springs, CA. Came back this Monday. There was a grand total of 26 people on her flight. Here is a picture of her paddle with Tyson’s autograph.

Then, everything started to hit the fan. The coronavirus has had an affect on our vacation plans. Here’s the current list.


I signed up for this a long time ago. I volunteered to ref matches the day after I arrived, and took the USAPA online ref test and line judge test.

After traveling about 160 miles to my hotel, I went to the tournament venue. Later that evening, I discovered that the tournament had been cancelled because Texas A&M had shut down.

My cost — $85 for the tournament (too much, in my opinion), $110 for the hotel room, and about $40 in gas. Not the end of the world.

I feel bad for everyone who showed up to play, but I don’t feel bad for the USAPA.


We had really looked forward to this, actually signing up almost a year in advance. As the severity of the virus issue increased, we wondered if it would take place. Then we got an email from the person running the event asking for our opinions. He mentioned something that I had not thought of – in order to get to the rivers, we would be running shuttles in a van. Close quarters!

We discussed refund possibilities and we agreed to half a refund of the deposit. That seems only fair.

This is a situation where I have empathy for everyone involved. It cost us a bit of money, but it cost the organizers as well. Giving up part of the deposit was the right thing to do. We will certainly try to go again next year.


We had planned to fly to Cabo and play pickleball at Tres Palapas Baja. This pickleball oasis has 10 dedicated courts and tons of amazing amenities. Tres Palapas has an onsite cafe and smoothie bar, restaurant, and rooftop bar.

We had rented a house via VRBO, bought our airline tickets and reserved a Jeep. We had all kinds pf plans.

But…given the situation, we decided no to fly there. Maybe a good decision. Cabo just had its first reported case of Corona virus. Again, I have empathy for the people from whom we rented the house and the person we were going to rent the Jeep from. The home owners actually agreed to a full refund – very nice of them. So, if that happens, we are not out anything, but we have credits n Southwest that we have to use by the end of December. I don’t know if you have noticed, but airlines prices are dropping like rocks. We can probably book five trips with the credit we have, but do we want to fly?


This really sucks! I think we have gone four years in a row and it is one of the most fun whitewater kayaking events of the year. No cost to us, but a lot of disappointed people. Maybe it will be rescheduled for later in the year.


Not sure. We have a WW kayaking trip on the Main Salmon schedule for July. We’ll see.


There are a lot of people being hurt by the virus. I hope we all come out okay!