Delta Airlines

My wife and I recently flew from Austin to Atlanta on Delta Airlines, and then drove up to Murphy, North Carolina. There were several aspects to the trip that I liked:

  • Middle seats were kept vacant (something that is going to change May 1)
  • Delta begins boarding from the back of the plane, allowing three sets of seats to board at a time
  • Delta has resumed snack and beverage service, and the snacks were pretty good
  • The flight attendants hand you a packet containing a wipe, so you can wipe down the arm rests, snack try and anything else you want to
  • The use of masks is strictly enforced
  • The Delta app is very good, and they keep in contact with you constantly

There were a couple of aspects I did not like:

  • There must not be a great deal of control over the use of overhead bins. We were in row 20, but by the time we boarded the bins were filled up to row 16. This is, of course, the fault of greedy passengers, but Delta might be able to control overhead storage a bit better.
  • To make up for the lack of passengers in the idle seats, Delta (it seems to me) has really squished coach sets together. The web site says: Most fliers can expect a 30–32-inch pitch while traveling on Delta, with the 31-inch pitch being the most common of its fleet. Well, unless I have four-foot-long thighs, that cannot be the case. It seemed to me that we had 12 inches of leg room. I suppose how you define “legroom” is important. To me it is the space between the end of my seat to the seat in front of me.

All in all, though, Delta did a great job as related to COVID.

North Carolina

We stayed in Murphy, North Carolina, which just about borders Georgia. Even though there is a mask mandate in NC, you wouldn’t know it based on the number of people who wore masks. In fact, mask-wearing varied greatly within Murphy itself.

There are two Ingles food markets in the area of Murphy, one in Murphy itself and another in Hayesville. In Hayesville, about 40% of the people in the store wore masks. In Hayesville, the percentage was about 80%.

Ingles has a sign that says masks are mandatory, but that is not enforced. If you don’t have one, they will give you one.

So, when we had to go to the market (every day, it seemed), we went to the Murphy store.