On a day off from kayaking, we decided to go to Highlands, NC to find “Colonel Mustards,” a store famous for its huge variety of jams and jellies. On the way, we stopped at Dry Falls in the Nantahala National Forest.

Dry Falls is a 65-foot waterfall that plunges from an overhanging rock outcrop, creating beautiful white flowing water tendrils that dive into a rocky riverbed below. There’s a viewing platform at the trailhead that’s wheelchair and stroller accessible, offering great views of the falls. There’s also a short, relatively easy paved trail that arcs down to the falls and dives behind the tumbling waterfall, exploring a small cave and catching some breezy mist from the falls. It’s a fun, dog-friendly hike that is more realistically a “stroll.”

Dry Falls flows over an overhanging bluff that allows visitors to walk up under the falls and remain relatively dry when the waterflow is low, hence its name. On hot summer days, you’ll get some cold spray to help cool you off. It was 93 degrees the day we went, so the cooling spray was appreciated.

Dry Falls is located on the side of U.S. Highway 64 3.1 miles north of Highlands, North Carolina. There is a parking area on the side of the road, where visitors can park before walking the short path with stairs to the falls. If you are in the area, it is worth the stop.