Gulf Waters RV Park

My wife and I had plans to go to New Mexico last week, but the winter storm forced us to change our plans. We decided, instead, to go to Port Aransas just to relax.

There are a number of RV parks in Port Aransas, none of which are exactly inexpensive. This time of year, a decent RV sport will cost you $60 per night, whereas a room in a condo (very few of which are open because of the hurricane) will cost you about $300. Port Aransas is expensive – period.

After researching RV parks, we chose Gulf Waters RV Park, which is an ownership resort. All sites are individually owned. What that means is that each site is unique, with many owners adding quite a bit of extras to their lots. For example, a number of sites had their own bar and outdoor kitchen set up.

One of the advantages of being an ownership park is that Gulf Waters, after being slammed by the hurricane, was able to reopen after five weeks. The owners all showed up to make repairs as soon as they could.

Anyway, because of the abundant amount of foliage, a staff member guided us when we backed into our spot. That guy did a terrific job.

Each spot has a concrete pad – a very level concrete pad. I really hate having to level our trailer from side to side, but that was not necessary. That relieves a lot of stress.

Here are a couple of pictures of our spot.

The RV park itself was very quiet. Management seems to have a very hard and fast rule about no noise after 10 PM. Even without that rule, however, the park would be quit because of the waves breaking on the beach only 100 yards or so away. Gulf Waters has direct beach access through a nicely maintained ramp.

Because the spaces are so large, our dogs were able to relax on the deck of our toy hauler. Normally, when there is a lot of foot traffic going past our trailer, they might yap a bit. None of that on this trip. We were able to take full advantage of our toy hauler ramp by setting up a “corral” for the dogs, one large enough to accommodate them and our beach chairs.

This is the North States 8-Panel “Petyard Passage.” We swear by this product. Not only does it let us set up a little corral on our toy hauler deck, but we have used it in other ways as well. For example, last year we rented a cabin in North Carolina, one in which our dogs discovered that they could easily open the screen doors to get outside. So, because the Petyard can be broken down into pieces, we were able to use it to create barriers in front of the doors.

If you are interested in this product, here is a link to it on Amazon:

By the way, we were able to get a great view of the full moon from our spot. It looked much bigger in person, of course, but here it is.

We did research one other park because it was less expansive. That park is the IB Magee Beach Park, which has 75 campsites with water and electric hookups and a dump station. WE found that RV park to be less than inviting. There are actually two RV parks – one that goes for about $25 per night and another than goes for $50 per night. You are no closer to the beach than you are at Gulf Waters, and the parks are in need of repair. Here is a picture that shows what I mean.

I thought this was due to the hurricane, but I have read reviews that indicate the park has been like this for a while.

If you are interested in Gulf Waters RV Park, here is their link: