Well, I just got a major portion of the landscaping effort done. I think it looks pretty good. Here is a picture of a pretty large area I just finished.

You might think – why not plant some nice flowers or vegetables there? Because there is about 1/8 inch of soil under the plastic sheeting and mulch I put down. This is the Hill Country of Texas, where rocks rule.

Anyway, here is a view from below the “rock garden.” All the rocks you see forming border areas were hauled by me from somewhere else.

I also got creative with some rubber matting we had been using in our workout room. My wife put the matting down because she was doing heavy aerobic exercise and kick boxing. She pulled them up recently and I decided to use them to cover some paths I had let get out of control. Not very elegant, but a good weed barrier.

Now it is on to the blackberry patches. This is not something I am looking forward to because blackberry plants can rip you to shreds. But, I have time on my hands so, why not?

This is a picture of all the equipment I used yesterday.

I’ll give you some links to stuff you can get on Amazon, including the rubber mats and a garden tool sharpener. The sharpener is very inexpensive and an essential tool if you want your shears to work properly. Most of the other stuff you can get at Home Depot.

AmazonBasics Exercise Training Puzzle Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

GARTOL Bypass Lopper

Altuna Sharpener Tool

Corona Stainless Steel Floral Scissors

Echo Pas-225 Pro-attachment Series Power Source