More Weirdness

This is not exactly an RV horror story, but it is something that happened when we were towing our travel trailer.

First, we drove through East Texas where, the day before, powerful storms had rolled through. There were trees down and roadside flooding mile after mile after mile. It looked like the apocalypse had hit the area.

Then we were driving through Heavener, Oklahoma, when we heard a loud bang. Before I get to the cause of the bang, let’s focus on the name of the town – Heaven-er. That sounds quite religious, doesn’t it? In fact, there are more than 100 churches in the Heavener area, a town with a population of about 3500 and a size of about 5 square miles. The population density of the county in which Heavener is located is about 30 people per square mile.

So, it is quite a religious area.

It turns out, though, that Heavener is home to a famous runestone. What’s a runestone? A runestone is typically a raised stone with an inscription written in a runic alphabet, a set of letters and symbols that was used prior to the adoption of the Roman alphabet. Runestones are usually associated with Vikings. Early runestones are associated with pagan religions and tributes to Norse gods, the most popular being Thor.

Got it? A town named Heavener has a runestone. There are rumors about when it was created, some of which suggest a Viking occupation of the area around 1300, but those are typically dismissed. But, who knows?

So, just when we get out of Heavener, we hear the loud bang. The tire pressure gauge in our F-150 drops like a rock. I got out of the truck and discovered that our rear, driver-side tire was flat. Mind you, we are on a busy highway.

Anyway, it looked like someone had shot the tire. I’m not kidding.

Here’s the good news. We stopped in front of a now-defunct cowboy church that had a U-shaped driveway. I was able to back up a bit and get into the driveway so I was on flat ground and away from the traffic.

Here is the weird news – the grassy strip in front of the church area had these one-foot by one-foot placards that read, “Their…Sins…Remain…” I was not able to see the rest of the signs, but my guess is that it had something to do with getting your ass kicked for not going to church!

I don’t – go to church, that is.

More good news, though. We called AAA and someone was there in twenty-five minutes. While we waited, I got the spare out from under the truck. Not very easy when you have a trailer attached, and not very easy when you ain’t no spring chicken!

The AAA person who showed up was a tiny, young woman. She wore a tee shirt quoting Joshua 1:9 — be strong and courageous! More church stuff!

Clouds were starting to roll in and I heard thunder. Was I going to be sent another message?

The young woman changed the tire – which is quite heavy – in just a few minutes. She seemed shocked when I gave her a $20 tip. I guess it is not a big tipping area.

So, that is my story.

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