I have four books available on They are listed below in no particular order.


This book has numerous 5-star reviews.

There’s no such thing as the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Awakened after being cryogenically frozen for 40 years, Phillip Rolfe, a death row inmate, is cleared of his wife’s murder by The Mechanical Magistrate, an infallible piece of machinery that has replaced juries and judges. 

There is also someone who has replaced God – Dr. Jalen Walker, the megalomaniacal inventor of The Mechanical Magistrate. Dr. Walker controls every aspect of life in the compound he has created, using a zero-tolerance policy to ensure compliance to his will.

Phillip decides to search for his son, the only witness to the murder. Walker, extracting a promise from Phillip that he will return to the compound, sets hi free into a landscape so ravaged by disease that only 10 percent of the population has survived.

When Phillip’s son is found, their reunion is not quite Phillip expected. Worse, Walker takes control of that situation as well, with disastrous results. Tired of Walker’s control of his life, Phillip decides to use The Mechanical Magistrate against him.

Phillip decides that he wants to be God, and he knows how to do it. He knows something that Walker does not – the Mechanical Magistrate is not infallible, after all.


This book has three 5-star reviews.

Jack Coletree is a serial killer. Tina Jean Plumb is a serial killer. After unusual circumstances – very unusual circumstances – bring them together, the bodies start piling up in the backwater town of Trident, Texas. 

When Tina decides to get out of town and start a new life, she has to decide who she can trust. It turns out that the obvious answer isn’t always the right answer. 

Author notes: The plot of this story has more twists than a corkscrew. You will not be able to figure out the ending until…well…the ending. There are also a lot of hardened criminals in this story, so it makes ample use of profanity. 


This book has two 4-star reviews and one 1-star review. Interestingly, the 1-star review was posted before the book actually went on sale, so I think it was some grudge the reviewer had against the narrator. Also, the 1-star reviewer did not actually purchase the book.

John Walker had a surprise in mind for his wife. His satellite radio had a surprise in store for him. The voice on the radio, a person named Zell, offers to solve all of John’s problems for him. In return, John has to agree to a small, insignificant payback.

Insignificant, of course, is a relative term, especially when you are dealing with the Devil.


This book has one 5-star review, two 4-star reviews and one 3-star review. It is a sci-fi comedy.

When 102-year-old Mildred Wall died, two scientists preserved her brain in a tank of liquid and revived it. To their dismay, they realized Mildred was not the sweet old lady they expected – instead, she’s rather nasty. Upon being informed of her mother’s living brain, Mildred’s 70-year-old daughter, Emily, comes to torment it – payback for years of Mildred’s cruelty toward her.

Unfortunately, after gleefully making life miserable for Mildred, Emily suffers a heart attack. The scientists, knowing nothing about the bitter relationship between Mildred and Emily, act quickly and preserve Emily’s brain next to her mother’s. After not having spoken to each other for 20 years, Mildred and Emily concoct a brilliant plan, one they need Emily’s daughter, Anna, to participate in. Using ESP powers they have developed in the tanks, Mildred and Emily convince Anna to commit suicide so that her brain will be preserved along with theirs.

Only one more person is required for the plan to work, and that is Anna’s daughter, 20-year-old Goth malcontent, Gina. Gina doesn’t have to die, though – she just has to obey orders. When Gina agrees to be part of the scheme, the four generations of women begin their ingenious plan.

Mildred, Emily, and Anna take over the bodies of three other young, living women, women provided by Gina. Those women, in turn, take over other bodies, including the body of one of the scientists.

And, if that’s not enough, the women discover a way to become immortal simply by taking over new bodies as the need arises.