My Prize Winning Stories

I just won first and second prizes for short stories in a Cherokee County Senior Arts contest. Below are the descriptions of the stories and links to them. You can download them for free!

The Human Weapon: Unpredictability

An alien steals a spaceship and flees across many galaxies, eventually settling on planet Earth. At first, he finds life unbearable. Earthlings, unlike the inhabitants of his own planet, are unpredictable. Eventually, however, he learns that they are actually predictably unpredictable. When he is ultimately captured by a pursuer from his home planet, he puts his knowledge of human unpredictability to good use.

Heavenly Glenn

Horace Grimly is a simple, kind man living in Heavenly Glenn, a little-known community founded by a strongly religious sect. When a cute little dog wanders into the community, Horace’s life will change forever, as will the community’s.