Our Flat Tire Adventure

When we came home from a recent trip, everything was fine. The next morning, though, I discovered that one of our tires was flat. It seems that it picked up a minuscule piece of metal, probably from one of the houses being built nearby. Surprising, considering how careful construction workers are to make sure they don’t toss anything in the road.

No problem, I thought. We had the foresight to by a spare tire (does any dealer provide spares anymore?) and had it mounted under the trailer. I got the spare out and then got my jack from the truck.

Uh oh. The jack did not go high enough. I had no choice by to call AAA.

Uh oh. Our plan did not cover the trailer, so they put me in touch with an on-call place that could help us out.

Well, the guy shows up, a young guy, and starts to try to jack up the trailer.

Uh oh. He does not have a jack that goes high enough. He said he had to call another guy to come over. He then told me he had never changed a tire on a trailer before. That instilled a lot of confidence in me.

We were now 1 ½ hours into this adventure when the other guy showed up. He had a floor jack with him and a bottle jack. I had never seen or, for that matter, heard of a bottle jack, so I was interested to see how it worked. So were the two guys who were supposed to change the tire, but they finally got it figured out.

After they lifted the trailer, they decided to get the lug nuts off. I have changed many, many tires in my life and I know that you loosen the lug nuts before you lift the vehicle but I though, hey, maybe these guys know something I don’t.

Nope. Imagine one guy lying on the ground with his shoe under the tire while the other guy is trying to get the lug nut off.

Well, finally they got it done.

After they left, we immediately upgraded our AAA membership to include the trailer AND got the Good Sam insurance.

We also bought a bottle jack and an extra-long extendable ratchet wrench to use to loosen the lug nuts.

Finally, we also bought four Goodyear Endurance tires at Discount Tire. They will rotate them whenever you want, a service I like. Of course, as soon as I bought them, I discovered that Amazon had them at a pretty good sale price. You would still have to find someone to mount them, but if you are interested, here is a link to the tires on Amazon.


Don’t get me wrong. Given the chance to have AAA or Good Sam do the work, I will let them. But, since we go off road a bit, we have to be prepared.

I was pretty surprised how inexpensive bottle jacks are. Here is a link to the bottle jack we bought.


Here is a link to the long bar we bought.