Lake Lurleen State Park

Lake Lurleen State Park is located nine miles northwest of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The first thing I want to mention is that if you are planning on staying at the park during college football season, make sure you don’t try to reserve a place during a University of Alabama football game! Odds are you won’t be able to get one.

This is a very nice park with such amenities as picnic areas, play areas, pavilions, a beach and bathhouse, fishing piers, boat rentals and boat-launch areas. The main attraction for most people is the lake itself, however we like that fact that it had more than 23 miles of multi-use trails ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty. The trails hug the shoreline of Lake Lurleen and are open to both hikers and mountain bikers. We arrived the day AFTER a U of A football game, so the place was essentially empty, so we felt very comfortable taking our two dogs on long hikes.

When we arrived, we saw a Halloween display that was obviously set up for children. That immediately told us that the employees of the park had more interest in pleasing the users of the park than usual. The display made us smile which, after more than 6 hours of hauling a trailer, is something you want.

DSP spookapalooza (6)

The park has “pull-through” sites but, in reality, they are “pull of the side of the road” sites. Unless you want to snake your water and electric under your RV, your entry and, therefore, your awning, will face the road. But each site has a very nice picnic table overlooking the lake and, if you are high up, a walkway that leads down to the lake. There is no need to worry about privacy.

Be aware that not all of the pull-through sites are level. You may have to do some front to back leveling which I really don’t like doing. The back in sites appear to be more level. It’s a trade-off: if you want to be on higher ground, then be prepared to level your RV or trailer.

We only stayed one night and it was a HOT and HUMID night. Fortunately, the bathrooms and showers are air-conditioned! Pretty unusual for a state park.

The rates are reasonable – $27 for a full-hookup site during the season.

I liked this park. It is quiet and very well maintained. You can’t go wrong with it.

Here is a link to the park’s website:

Lake Lurleen State Park