Running Shoes for Pickleball

Because of knee and foot injuries, I really cannot jog anymore, but I play pickleball. When I first started playing, there was no such thing as pickleball shoes, so I used tennis shoes. I found them to be too stiff, so I switched to Brooks running shoes, specifically the Addiction Walker. When companies began offering shoes specifically for pickleball, I began to use them.

Recently, though, I got a pair of the Brooks Glycerin 20 shoes. They are so soft and comfortable it is amazing. The wide toe box is ideal for my foot issues, and the sides have the right amount of stabilization for side-to-side motion.

Check out the bottom of the shoes.

The shank is a supportive structure which is integrated between the shoe’s insole and outsole running underneath the arch of the foot. The shank’s job is to stiffen the shoe, making the middle of the shoe more resistant to over flex or torsion. The shank ensures the shoes will bend at the toes instead of under the arch. The best pickleball-specific shoes, like the Acacia shoes, all have shanks, as does the Brooks shoe.

Now see the top.

The stars show that the sole extends outward, again similar to pickleball shoes.

Right now I have two pair of Acacia pickleball shoes and this pair of Brooks running shoes. I switch back and forth to minimize wear (I admit to being frugal!).

So, if you can’t find a pickleball shoe that you like, you might want to investigate Brooks running shoes.