Sea Planes – What’s to Worry About?

We recently went on a whitewater rafting trip in the boondocks of Canada, specifically on the Chilko River. We hit one section, called the White Mile, that was constant class 5 rapids. That was fun.

But, to get there, we had to take a sea plane (or, if you prefer, a float plane). That made me nervous.

Flying over mountains (which, even in late October, were still covered in snow) made me really nervous.

When we got home, I thought – what was I so nervous about.

After the trip, however, I read this:

America’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the government agency that is investigating the accidents, has warned that seaplanes, which are able to take off and land on water, may no longer be a safe form of transport.

Then today I read this:

1 person is dead and 9 are missing after a float plane crashes in the Puget Sound

I am happy to be on solid ground right now.