We listed our trailer with a well-known consignment company here in Texas. The reviews for this company were mostly positive, with most of the negatives coming from people who had purchased items from them.

Before we dropped our trailer off, we spent more than three days cleaning it until it was perfect. When we dropped it off, the company said there would be a $50 cleaning charge that would be deducted from our final sale price. We objected, but they made it seem that the $50 was nonnegotiable, so we said okay.

We agreed on a price, a price that was supposed to be decreased by $500 every two weeks. After the first reduction, no other was made.

Within days of dropping off the trailer, we got an email suggesting that we winterize it. Here is what the email said:

(Company’s) $159.95 Winterizing service is described below:

* Drain all water lines including shower, toilet and faucets. If a water purifier or filter is in line, we remove the cartridge or drain the cartridge and shut off the valves.

* Drain water heater, empty fresh water holding tanks and washer/dryer (if applicable).

* Blow out all accessible water lines with an air compressor.

* Add two gallons of RV Anti-freeze to the water tank, holding tanks, and p-traps.

We decided to do the winterization, even though it had been through four Texas winters without issue. Given the weather we had, I was glad we did it. But then a few weeks later we got another email saying we should winterize it. I said – we already did – and they said, oh yeah.

Right after the first winterization email, we got another email that said:

After weeks in the rain and sun, your vehicle may be in need of a good cleaning. There is a detail company that performs this service for many of our customers. The one-time charge for this service is $139.95 and I would strongly urge you to consider having this continuous cleaning done. Your vehicle will receive a light cleaning about every two weeks as long as it is listed with (company).

I asked if the trailer shouldn’t be getting a light cleaning anyway, and they said, “Of course.” I rejected this cleaning offer.

Well, our contract expired without a sale. I called to tell them that we were going to take the trailer off the lot. They asked to give them a few more days and that they would run a manager’s special, which meant the dropped the price to our minimum. Had they been reducing the price every two weeks as they were supposed to, we may have gotten more for it.

So, if you are using a consignment company, beware of being nickel and dimed, and make sure they do what they are supposed to.