The Road Trip from Hell

First, I have to give you some background. We live in between San Antonio and Austin, a part of Texas that can get very hot in the summer. Here, for example, is a weather forecast from August, 2018, when we took this particular trip.

Note the sunny days that have temperatures of over 95 degrees. What you cannot see is that we were in the middle of a months long drought. Some of the rivers near us even ran dry.

My wife and I decided to drive to Ontario, Canada, to get in some good whitewater kayaking. Of course, we were going to have to drive through rain the whole way. I say “of course” because we hadn’t driven our trailer through rain in a long time. Our route would take us through Detroit, where we would make the border crossing. The forecast below shows us what we were going to encounter.

Anyway, we stopped at a KOA on our way to Canada. We noticed a small crack in the vent cover over the bathroom vent (we have a Forest River Shockwave toy hauler). It looked like a bug had smashed into the cover and had become lodged in it. We decided to duct tape over the crack because the forecast was for rain.

When I climbed up on the top of the trailer, I noticed that the middle vent cover was falling apart and the last vent cover was gone. GONE! My guess is that the Texas sun just disintegrated them. In asked in the KOA store if they had any vent covers and they did not, so we decided on the next best plan – we cut up a spare shower curtain and I duct taped it over the last vent. I also duct taped the over vents.

On the next segment of our trip, it poured. The rain was so heavy that we actually had to pull off the road for a while. When we stopped for gas and were under cover, we checked the vents. Of course, the rain and wind had torn off the shower curtain and water was falling inside the trailer.

The rain let up a bit until we made it to our next stop, Indianapolis KOA in Greenfield, Indiana. Fortunately for us, there is an RV repair shop right next to the KOA (Mt. Comfort RV).

This is where the KOA and RV shop are located if you are interested.

The KOA staff told us that a repairman would come over after work and install new covers if we bought the parts. We were skeptical – after all, would a Camping World allow that?

The picture below shows what the cover vents looked like after we had them replaced. Yes, that little piece on the right-hand side of the picture is the sole remnant of a cover vent. Good old Forest River quality.

Well, we bought three new vent covers as well as three Maxxair vent cover hoods and, surprise, a guy came over after work and installed them. He only charged us $100, so I gave him a $40 tip. He saved us from a lot of misery. If I had known better I would have put these on immediately after buying our trailer. They are pretty inexpensive and well worth the money.

Here is a link to the cover on Amazon:

Maxxair also makes a super-duper cover if you want to spend more (I don’t). Here is that link:

You REALLY have to consider putting these on your RV/trailer.

Well, the trip wasn’t over yet. We decided to stay at the Sunny Hill Resort in Barry’s Bay. From the reviews you would think it was paradise. Well, suffice to say it was not. Our RV spot was on such an incline there was no way we could get it level. Laundry? You have to spend $5 each (I’m not kidding) for a wash AND a dry. If you are thinking of staying at this place, please think again.

After Canada, we drove to North Carolina for more whitewater kayaking. After a month in the trailer we decided to rent a cabin. Here is what it looked like.

Okay, just kidding. But we did find this – toilet paper being eaten by mice.

The trip got better after that. I mean, after all, how could it have gotten worse?

I’m really interested in reading your stories!