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This web site is aimed at adventurous boomers who want to explore topics like whitewater kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking in out of the way places, river boarding, and so on. I will periodically post a story about an topic relevant to an adventure and provide links to companies that can put together a trip for you. Keep in mind that many Boomers want, if not luxury, a trip that will not put their body in stress.

Under the “Adventures” menu item you will find the following categories:

Whitewater Kayaking – If you are a long-time flat-water kayaker, or have never kayaked at all, this blog might give you information about true whitewater kayaking adventures. It can also point you to many great instructors should you be interested.

Pickleball – Pickleball? What’s pickleball? Think of playing ping pong on a badminton-sized court with a tennis net. If you have played tennis or paddle tennis you have a pretty good idea of what the sport is all about. Pickleball is so popular now that many new developments are putting in pickleball courts rather than tennis courts, and others are converting their tennis courts to pickleball courts. Once you try the game, you will be hooked.

RV Adventures – why is this an adventure? You’re not always going to find nice hotels out in the wilderness. You may, however, want something more luxurious than a tent. You may also want to figure out to haul all the stuff you are going to need for an RV Adventure. This page will give you a lot of useful information about RVing. 

      RV Park Reviews – Reviews of RV parks we have stayed at.

Hiking – Not just hiking, but anything that comes close, like snowshoeing and camping. I will cover all the camping bases-roughing it to “glamping,” as well as information about camping with your pets.

Travel Destinations – Information about cool places to visit. Unlike other blogs, mine will not be about what restaurants to visit, but more on outdoor adventures that you can pursue. I will also include information about traveling with your pets.


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