In my never-ending search for shoes and socks that will alleviate my MN issues, I stumbled across Skechers shoes. I have gotten two pair of their shoes, one a “Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe” and the other a “Relaxed Fit: Melson – Petros.”

Here is the weird thing – I can walk a few miles with the Melson shoes without socks. They are very comfortable.

The walking shoe requires socks, but, in my case at least, they have to be thin socks. I use Thorlo’s Experia Pro socks. They are quite thin and work perfectly with the shoes.

Some people complain that the Skechers memory foam reinforces bad walking habits. Puh-lease. At this point, it is not an issue I worry about. They are comfortable and I use them all the time now. I have given up on my leather boat shoes, despite the fact that I really like them.

Here are some links for you. I’m not sure where you will get the best deals on price/shipping.

Skechers main page:

Skechers on Amazon:

Throlos main page:

Thorlos on Amazon:

Good luck!!