Nantahala Outdoor Center September 27

Donna and I both hit the Nantahala on the 27th. Here are some photos from the day.


Donna hit the Falls before I did. Her start was perfect.

As usual, she is smiling.


No problem.

She set up to roll.

And rolled up. Not an easy task on Nanty Falls.

Again, smiling.

Not satisfied, she decided to do the Falls again. This time she had the perfect line.

And then (I love this photo) got right into the heart of the Falls.

And then out. Notice how her start position (above) and finish positions are the same for this run.

I think she is shouting “woo hoo” here.

Then it was my turn.

My start was good.

I noticed I was too far left, so I tried to get to my right.

Then, for some unknown reason, I buried my paddle on my right side which, of course, would send me left.

I got a bit too far left, and was about to tip, but braced up. Notice my head position. It shows that I was still centered in my kayak. If I had leaned to the left, I would have gone over.

And then, out!

No, that is not drool on my lips. PS: Unlike Donna, I never smile, it seems, when I go down the Falls. Just grim determination. I should try smiling next time.