They don’t have to be!

There have been a couple of Forum discussions about the price of balls and the general consensus was they are so expensive because we keep buying them.

About 6 months ago, I bought some Jugs balls on Amazon and took them to our indoor recreation center. The reaction I got was, “Oh. We can’t play with these. They are too squishy and, besides, they are not USAPA approved.”

Well, guess what? They ARE USAPA approved. CORRECTION: These balls were approved at the time I originally wrote this post, about 5 years ago, but no longer are.

So, I did some research and found all the USAPA-approved balls. The price difference in balls is astonishing. Today I am going to test a ball from “Bread and Butter” – it seems identical to the Franklin X but does not have the X. I will blog about that soon.

So, here is a link to all the approved balls:

Ball List