Because of the pandemic, I have not done a lot of hiking this year. I prepared for it, though, by purchasing a pair of Astral Hale Storm boots.

Instead of hiking, however, I have been doing a lot of landscaping. We own four acres, much of which is rocky and, if you have MN, you know how hitting a rock incorrectly can cause pain. Because of the heavy dew this time of year where we live, I started wearing the Hale Storm boots.

Here are some of the features of the boots:

WATER READY: Full wrap TPU WeatherGuard protects the bottom of the boot from mud, rain, snow and slush; Sustainable hemp upper is breathable, extremely durable and comfortable

INDUSTRIAL HEMP: Environmentally friendly material that performs; Extremely durable, highly breathable, washable and gets softer with age

SUPER STICKY: G.15 rubber outsole is flexible, super grippy, conforms to the ground and provides excellent abrasion resistance; Aggressive 5mm lugs for maximum grip on and off the trail

BALANCED FEEL: Level heel to ball enhances foothold and control; Wide forefoot lets your feet and toes spread out for stability; EVA foam midsole with medium arch

So, how did they affect my MN? I have not had any pain wearing these for a couple of hours of landscaping (also wearing Smart Wool socks) AND I have been able to due my 3.5 mile walk in the afternoons without pain. Normally if I landscape in the AM, I can only go about 2.5 miles in the PM.

Most people think the Hale Storms are cold weather boots, but I have no issues wearing them in the Texas heat.

Here are a couple of links if you want to check them out. I buy ½ size larger than my normal shoe.

If you poke around, you can get a deal on Amazon. The Astral web site sells these for $140, but I found my size (9.5) on Amazon for $83.