Review of the “Corrine Carr” Acacia Shoe for Women

Unsolicited Comments from Users of this Shoe

Facebook user: I am 57 and found these shoes to be the best to play in. I have had issues with plantar fasciitis and after trying other shoes these were the only shoes that helped me. I am glad I discovered these shoes.

Facebook user: I bought this pair. They are true to size with a wide toe box, and after the short break-in period, they are comfortable on the court. So much so, I intend to buy another pair because they’re reasonably priced.

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Before I go into the review of the shoes, you may ask, “Who is Corrine Carr?”

Here is a short bio from Team Vulcan: Corrine Carr, otherwise known as the “Professor of Pickleball,” has been playing pickleball for over five years. She started playing pickleball while she was getting her PhD in Finance from Michigan State University, where she wanted an athletic activity that took place indoors during the cold weather. Six months after playing her first game, she competed in her first tournament; she was immediately impressed with the social community surrounding the competitive atmosphere, and she was hooked.

Oh – she is also married to Adam Stone. Below is a picture of her wearing her Acacia shoes.

Anyway, I got a pair of the Corrine shoes for my wife who wore them for a few of our drill practices. The drills include: dinking (all ways, including windshield wiper), volleying (including windshield wiper), slinky, dink-drive-block, dink 4 times and play it out, a baseline drill called third shot drop-medium drive-hard drive, lob off dink and run back to get it, and, finally, skinny singles (where I usually get stomped).

These drills require side-to-side motion at the net, moving forward, moving backward and staying on your toes. To give you an idea of how well the shoes perform, here is a picture of Corrine playing while 7 months pregnant. I don’t think she would want the chance of the shoes sticking or otherwise not performing.

Here is what Acacia says about the shoe: The Acacia Pro Signature Corrine Edition Pickleball Shoe was designed with the needs of an advanced player. As Acacia’s most agile pickleball shoes to date, these pro signature shoes are ready for the competitive player who is looking to maximize on comfort and speed. The upper features ProFlex material that provides the shoes with a flexible, comfortable support structure while Micro-honeycomb mesh keeps the shoe breathable and adds ventilation above the toes. A ProSole anti-bacterial insole provides shock absorption with the water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam midsole providing elevation and structure. PROgrip tread on the outsole extends around the contour of the shoes to provide traction, comfort and support on lateral movements.

Anyway, my wife said that the shoe is comfortable and is a quick break in. She also liked the wider toe box. Below is a picture of the show that (hopefully) shows the wider toe box.

Regarding the quick break in, there is really no time required to break in the shoe. If you look at the bottom of the shoe, you will see the break at the midpoint. Because of this, you can get onto your toes immediately. This also helps with sufferers of neuropathy and Morton’s Neuroma.

Here are the specs:

Upper: ProFlex material, an elasto-polymer fiber membrane that frames the shoe with a flexible, comfortable support structure. Micro honeycomb mesh for improved airflow and ventilation. Durable ballistic nylon inner lining.

Midsole: Water resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam provides elevation and structure. ProSole antibacterial insole features silicone honeycomb-gel with shock absorption.

Outsole: Non-marking anti-wear natural rubber with elevated heels increases leverage, control and balance.

Insole: ProSole, silicone honeycomb-gel, anti-odor insoles with shock absorption.

Fit: wider toe box

As always, I have to provide some definitions.

Ballistic nylon was originally developed by the Dupont corporation for flak jackets for World War II airmen. The name of this nylon speaks to its origin; its intent was to protect the airmen from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet and artillery-shell impacts. Although ballistic nylon was originally created and used in flak jackets, its durability and cutting resistance have made it useful for non-combat applications. It can be found in backpacks, luggage, belts and straps, motorcycle jackets, watch bands, and knife sheaths. It can also be used for structural purposes, such as on skin-on-frame kayaks.

Elasto-polymer fibers are a polymer with viscoelasticity (i.e., both viscosity and elasticity) and with weak intermolecular forces, generally low Young’s modulus and high failure strain compared with other materials.  Polymer chains are held together in these materials by relatively weak intermolecular bonds, which permit the polymers to stretch in response to macroscopic stresses, such as stress in shoes caused by lateral movement and running.

Micro-mesh is fabric that is made of small holes and made with 100% polyester. The small holes improve airflow and create a lightweight option that helps you move better every day.

Non-marking anti-wear rubber – if you are familiar with the new rules in pickleball, you know that shoes that mark the courts surface have been banned.

Young’s modulus measures the resistance of a material to elastic (recoverable) deformation under load. A stiff material has a high Young’s modulus and changes its shape only slightly under elastic loads (e.g., diamond). A flexible material has a low Young’s modulus and changes its shape considerably.

Summary: great, comfortable shoe made specifically for pickleball, and a shoe that, because of the wider toe box, will help alleviate problems with neuropathy and Morton’s Neuroma.

If, after reading this, you are interested in purchasing any shoe off the Acacia website, use this code for 10% off—Boomer490.

Here is the website address: