I have over the past three years tried to find the perfect combinations of shoes and socks for My Morton’s Neuroma. Here are my findings.

Without a doubt, the best shoe for walking/hiking is the Skechers GoRun. It has a wide front and can accept any sock I put in it. Best of all Skechers shoe sizes run true to form.

I also use Skechers for pickleball, in this case the Glide-Step Flex. Again, the shoe sizes are correct.

You can find both on the Skechers web site, which is where I recommend you shop.

My next choice for walking/hiking is the Astral Tri-Mesh. Here is where life gets tricky. Astral shoes are really difficult to get right now. I use the Brewers for white water kayaking and, as far as I can tell, I got the las pair in the universe recently through Amazon. The Tri-Mesh works great if you were thin socks, like the Thorlos Experia. If, however, you want to wear a thicker sock, order your shoes ½ size larger than your normal shoe. I wear a 9.5 normally, but use a 10 with the Astral shoes (all of them).

Here is the link to Amazon:

Note the warning about availability. They may be available elsewhere, but Amazon is my first place to search.

Finally, there is the Brooks Addiction Walker (Suede). These are so comfortable I also wear them to play pickleball BUT get them ½ size larger if you are going to wear a thicker sock.

Unfortunately, these are very hard to get as well (I got mine at the end of November last year. Now there are none available on the Brooks web site.)

You can get them at Zappos and Amazon (if you are lucky choosing the right size and color). Here are the links:

Anyway, these are my findings. I can go four miles or more in any of these shoes whereas in the past I was limited to two miles.

Good luck.