HIKO Guardian PFD

While we were at the Ocoee Whitewater Championships, we saw the Hiko vendor booth. Donna had researched this company’s rescue PFDs and was anxious to try one on. We both tried on a PFD and found them to be the most comfortable PFD, rescue or otherwise, that we had ever worn. Let me say that, by now, we probably have seven or so rescue PFDs between us.

We liked the PFD so much we wanted to buy two! Of course, as I usually do, I asked if they offered “pro discounts” for ACA instructors. They said that they did not, but they would in the future – 30%! In order to get that discount, send an email to the following address: kristyna@inwaterwelive.com . Include your ACA instructor card and they will give you a code for a discount.

We were able to buy one at the Championships and will get another as soon as we get back to Texas.

Meanwhile, here are some links you might want to follow.

Link to Hiko USA:


Video about the PFD:

If you want comfort in a rescue PFD, you will definitely want a Hiko Guardian.