I noticed something when I reviewed this blog post – I am not holding the paddle as I should when in a game.

The reason is that I know (1) where the ball will probably be and (2) I am not going to get slammed (usually). My paddle should be up, not down.

It is easy to fall into bad habits when you drill, so you have to be sure to drill as though you were in a game.

PS: I wrote this blog post during COVID.

Like many of you, my wife Donna and I are avoiding the public pickleball courts because of COVID. We are not afraid of playing with each other, but really don’t want to run into other players. We are fortunate, though, that our driveway is long enough and just wide enough for us to have created out own court. So we are going out and practicing drills we have learned in the past.

The two in this video are the “Dink, Catch, Bounce and Dink” drill and the “Volley, Catch, Bounce and Volley” drills. These drills reinforce paddle control techniques and concentration.

Here is a link to our video on YouTube. PS: I really don’t like seeing myself in the video!