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This web site is aimed at adventurous boomers who want to explore topics like whitewater kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking in out of the way places, river boarding, and so on. I will periodically post a story about an topic relevant to an adventure and provide links to companies that can put together a trip for you. Keep in mind that many Boomers want, if not luxury, a trip that will not put their body in stress.

Under the “Adventures” menu item you will find the following categories:

Whitewater Kayaking – If you are a long-time flat-water kayaker, or have never kayaked at all, this page will give you information about true whitewater kayaking adventures, including “how to” instructions. My company, Hill Country Kayaking, provides lessons in whitewater kayaking specifically for Baby Boomers! I take you through the basics, starting with things you may not have considered, such as how to get in and out of a kayak, how to outfit your kayak properly, how to do roll up after flipping, and so on. For advanced students I delve into ferrying across rapids, peel outs and eddying out. If you are interested in lessons, please fill out the contact page with your information and request.

RV Adventures – why is this an adventure? You’re not always going to find nice hotels out in the wilderness. You may, however, want something more luxurious than a tent. You may also want to figure out to haul all the stuff you are going to need for an RV Adventure. This page will give you a lot of useful information about RVing, including links to web sites where you can buy the items mentioned in the blog.

Whitewater Rafting – I’m not talking about half-day rafting on small rapids. I’m talking about one or more day rafting on HUGE rapids.

Traveling with your Pets – Why? Because most Boomers have pets and don’t like to leave them home!

Camping – I will cover all the bases-roughing it to “glamping”

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