Last week the temperature in our area was 80 degrees.

The following shows what happened next.

This is our pool. If you look closely, you can see a film of ice forming. The pool pump comes on automatically when the outside temperature reaches the freezing point, but we lost power during the night. Fortunately, it came back on after about three hours.

This is our street. Pretty, right? What you can’t see is the layer of ice under the snow. It looks like one brave person used the street at some time during the night, but only one. I want to know when the snow plows are going to come by!

This is path we made for our dogs using our snow shovels, AKA brooms. One of our dogs is used to snow but did not want to go out. Another didn’t seem to mind it. The last one was really freaked out.

Our bird feeder was a busy place!

These are our whitewater kayaks on our deck. The wind swirled so much during the night that the snow made it all the way onto the deck. Fortunately, we have covers over the cockpits. Won’t be using them any time soon.

Pretty, right?

It would appear that we got 6 inches of snow. The last time we got any accumulation it was about 1 inch. We have lived here 14 years or so and that 1 inch was enough for me!