I suffer from something called “Morton’s Neuroma.” Morton’s neuroma is a benign, or non-cancerous, growth of nerve tissue that develops in the foot, usually between the third and fourth toes. Basically, this condition makes you feel like there is a fire between your toes.  No one knows the cause of this condition – there are, however, a lot of theories.

I first encountered the foot pain last October after we had been in North Carolina white water kayaking for several weeks, as well as hiking and playing pickleball. Basically, we kayaked every other day. On the days we didn’t kayak, we played pickleball in the AM and hiked in the PM. My feet, therefore, got a pretty good workout.

I had no problems with my feet until we returned home. I had to mow about two acres of grass with my walk-behind mower and, all of a sudden, my left foot started to burn. The pain was so extreme that I actually had to stop mowing. I thought my work boots had suddenly gone bad, so I tried Dr. Scholl’s inserts, thicker socks, and so on. I also iced my foot whenever it felt hot and massaged it as well.

The condition came and went, but was fairly consistent. I finally went to see a podiatrist after suffering for a couple of months – that’s when I got the diagnosis of Morton’s Neuroma. The podiatrist offered a couple of reasons why I developed it. He said that participating in high-impact sports, like pickleball, may subject your feet to repetitive trauma. Also, activities that feature tight shoes can put pressure on your toes.

I am a big fan of Thorlos socks and used to wear them exclusively for tennis. Because of knee issues, I don’t play tennis anymore, but play pickleball instead. Still great exercise, but not as much knee stress. Anyway, I rummage through my sock drawer and found a few pair of Thorlos tennis socks. I used them and found that they worked pretty well. Then, I thought – I wonder if Thorlo makes pickleball socks. If they did, I was going to try them. Guess what? They do! So I got a pair. Did they work?


I now own four pairs of Thorlo Pickleball socks and have been using them for more than a month. Today I played 1 ½ hours of PB in the AM, and 2 hours in the PM. No pain! I have always been a fan of Thorlo socks, and I am more so now. My thought is that Thorlo designed the socks with pickleball players in mind. They have good toe padding and heel padding and are similar to their tennis socks, but not quite as thick. They really work.

This is a link to Thorlo (I am not a Thorlo rep!):