Review of the GABA Rogue Paddle

This paddle is a control paddle, not a power paddle like some of the others I have. So, I went through my normal set of tests.

  • Net play = very solid yet soft touch for dinking. Quite nice.
  • Ground strokes – Not a blaster paddle, but strong enough. A bit more on that later.
  • Serves – Because it is a control paddle, I was able to get more lift and more topspin on my serves, landing them deep and having them jump off the surface. Great paddle for serving.
  • Spin – What I like about this paddle is that I can impart more topspin on my ground strokes even though they might not be as powerful as the strokes with my other paddles. Personally, I like driving the ball deep with spin and this paddle provides that capability.
  • Two-handed backhand – the elongated handle makes it easy to hit a two-hander.

All in all, this is a great paddle at a reasonable price. It is suitable for all levels of player.


Handle length



    8 oz

Handle Circumference 








If you are interested, visit the GABA website here:

The company is offering 10% off on the first purchase of a paddle.