Review of the HUDEF Newera Paddle

The Hudef Newera paddle is an EVA foam core paddle that is not yet approved by USAPA for tournament play. It joins these other paddles that are also EVA foam core paddles that are not approved: Diadem Vice, Ronbus EV1.16 and Swiftflyte Vyper. I’m not sure why they are not approved, but I am going to take a guess.

The USAPA specifications (can be found at state that a paddle cannot contain “flexible membranes or any compressible material that creates a trampoline effect.”

My theory is that EVA foam is considered such a material. So, what is EVA foam? Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a closed cell foam.  Closed Cell foam is sturdy, stiff, non-biodegradable, non-water absorbent, a thermal insulator, and it floats!

It is often used in floor and exercise mats, sports equipment, crafts, kickboards, life jackets, flip-flops, and similar items. It is also used in whitewater kayaks, something I am very familiar with. Whitewater kayakers use EVA foam to build up hip pads and knee braces, not only to provide comfort, but to enhance maneuverability. I can attest to the fact that the foam used in kayaks lasts a long time before it begins to break down.

So, what is the result of an EVA foam core? The answer is simple – power from a lightweight paddle. The Hudef Newera weighs only 7.8 ounces, but it creates a lot of power. A LOT of power.

Below are the specifications of the paddle. If after reading this review you are interested in getting a Newera paddle at a 15% discount, follow this link and use the code “Greg” at checkout:


● Face: T700 carbon fiber with grit surface

● Thermoformed edges and a Unibody Construction

● Shape: Elongated

● Weight: 7.8-8.3OZ

● Core Material: EVA

● Edge: Edgeless

● Length: 16.50″

● Width: 7.48″

● Thickness: 0.86″(22mm)

● Grip Length: 5.3″

● Grip Circumference: 4.25″

Couple of comments – while 22mm seems large, the width is hardly noticeable. The elongated handle makes it perfect for two-handed backhands. The EVA core means that it is very quiet. My opinion is that USAPA is going to have to think hard about the use of EVA foam in paddles because that might help with noise complaints.

Anyway, the paddle is very good at the net. The ball does not pop up as you might think because of the core, but behaves in a manner like “conventional” paddles.

When it comes to serving, the Newera is a beast! I was able to generate a lot of power with a lot of topspin, ensuring that my serves landed deep in my opponent’s court.

I, like Andre Agassi, put my finger on the back of my paddle.

Because the Newera has a “smile” (hole) at the base of the paddle, I was able to put my finger in the hole, thereby helping me generate a lot of power on my backhand. FYI – I have heard a lot of comments about this type of grip, specifically that you might hit your finger. In eight years or so of playing, I have NEVER hit my finger.

Finally, how about the forehand. Because of the power of the paddle, I had to tone down my forehand. In the beginning, I kept hitting it long from about two or feet inside the baseline. I used more of a punch forehand than topspin forehand, and that helped a lot.


I shot a short video that shows off and comments on the paddle:

So, if you are interested in a paddle that will increase the speed of your drives, this could be the paddle for you.

Again, if after reading this review you are interested in getting a Newera paddle at a 15% discount, follow this link:

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