My most recent posts in this section have been about landscaping. That’s not the only thing we have been doing. Because we are avoiding the courts in out neighborhood, we re-striped the court in our driveway. We first tried using painter’s tape for the new outline, but that tape came up in no time.

So, we tried a few other tapes, including Gorilla tape and Gaffer’s Tape. Gorilla tape is a brand of duct tape that is very strong, but it is a little difficult to work with when trying to cut it.

Gaffer tape is a heavy cotton cloth, pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive and tensile properties. While sometimes confused with duct tape, gaffer tape differs in the composition of both the backing, which is made from fabric as opposed to vinyl or other plastics, and the adhesive, which is more resistant to heat and more easily removed without damaging the surface to which it was adhered.

There is a frost line in the driveway that we use as the center line. That’s where our net goes.

There are also two other frost lines, each four feet away from an end line. When a ball hits one, it can take a wild bounce. When you are playing, you can try to hit those lines on purpose.

We don’t have to tape one edge of the driveway because that is where is falls off. Many, many arguments have taken place over whether a ball hit the edge of the driveway (and would be good) od not.

Here is what our newly striped court looks like.

Here is a link to Gaffer Tape on Amazon (less expensive than others):

Here is a link to Gorilla Tape. It’s a little bit cheaper but slightly more difficult to put down:

If you don’t have enough space for an entire court, you may want to consider a court that is long enough for two no-volley zones so you can at least practice your short game.