Review of the Bread and Butter Filth Paddle

The BnB website says: “No expense has been spared in the construction of this paddle, which features the perfect balance of durability, touch, and power.”

A note on the surface of the paddle says: “Designed in outer space.”

Okay. I called the owner of the company and asked what that meant. He said that he teamed with NASA to assess the possibility of building paddles in zero gravity, and that the Filth was put together on the International Space Station.

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So, here is the bottom line on this paddle. I ran through the following drills with this paddle, a Legacy Pro, and a Joola Hyperion. If you don’t know what some of these are, I will explain (maybe) in another post.

  • Dink straight on and cross court
  • Windshield wiper dinking
  • Volleying
  • Windshield wiper volleying
  • Dink, drive, block
  • Slinky
  • Third shot drop, medium drive, hard drive

My wife and I then hit ground strokes straight on and cross court, after which we played skinny singles. I played one game with each paddle. In each game, I put both topspin and side spin on my serves, as well as on my ground strokes. My wife’s opinion was the same as mine—the Filth provided about the same power as the Legacy Pro, and about the same feel as the Joola, except the Filth was a bit softer around the net. Without some elaborate measurement equipment, it’s impossible to say what, if any, the differences were. This opinion is based on our own perceptions.

Interestingly, each paddle weighed exactly 8.0 ounces, but the Joola felt heavier. Perhaps it is top heavy. Not sure.


Here are the specs on the paddle:

  • Weight: 8.00 oz (226g)
  • Size: 16.5”x 7.375” (419mm x 187mm)
  • Thermoformed T700 Unibody construction
  • Face Material: Nano T700 Raw Carbon Fiber face
  • Core Thickness 16mm
  • High Density Polypropylene Core
  • Graphics are UV printed directly onto core surface
  • 5.5″ Grip Length, 4.25″ Circumference
  • Octagon Handle with vibration dampening wrap

These are the same specs as pretty much the same as the other two paddles, albeit worded a bit differently in each case.

Here, however, is the big difference:

Filth – $165

Joola – $219.95

Legacy Pro – $169.99 (there are various sales going on where it is shown as $150)


I am quite serious when I say that this is a great paddle for experienced players. Beginners can use it if they play under control, and don’t try to blast their ground strokes right off the bat.

If, after reading this review, you are interested in a 15% discount, go to this website and use this code at check out: GHANSEN15