With the explosion of pickleball, it is hard to keep track of all the paddles out there. A number of people I know are complaining about the increasing price of paddles, similar to what was happening in tennis a long, long time ago. I can remember when I HAD to get the newest tennis racket/strings every 6 months or so – it was an expensive proposition.

So, I have been looking for paddles that are great but not terrible expensive.

I recently tested the Quantum Pro 2.0 paddle from PaddleBallers (You have to love that name).


Weight – 7.2 ounces

Paddle Length – 15.6 inches

Paddle Width – 7.95 inches

Grip Length – 4.92 inches

Grip Circumference – 4.13 inches

Thickness – 13 mm

Paddle Surface – Friction Carbon

Paddle Core – Polymer (no other definition but the name is trademarked)

Paddle Edge – Foam injected

Paddle Handle – foam forged


Feel/performance on dinking – feels great when dinking. No vibration and very good control, both straight on and cross court. Easy to put top spin on cross court dinks.

Performance on ground strokes – I was able to hit deep forehands and two-handed backhands with excellent top spin

Performance on serves – Easy to get my serve deep, again with top spin

Performance on volleying – the light weight makes it ideal for close up battles.

The manufacturer says that its “AERO-CURVE head design is a Pro-proven, unique head curvature creates less drag and increases swing speed.” I can’t comment on that because I would need equipment to test the drag. The shape of the paddle face may account for the light weight, though.


I immediately thought “this paddle is too light.” However, paddles seem to be getting lighter I general, perhaps because technology is increasing their performance.

Anyway, I think this is a great paddle, comparable to the Warrior and ProDrive at HALF THE PRICE. I was easily to get my serves deep and stay involved in dink/volley games. Here is the link if you want to buy one: https://paddleballers.com/products/quantum-pro-carbon-fiber-2-0